Monday, September 24, 2012

Testing Colors

Had fun with colors yesterday and this is what was waiting for me this morning. I'm going to take a new tact for my color tests. I used to just write it all down in my little moleskine notebook as I worked it. But I don't have the slightest idea what it looked like unless I dig into my old photos as well. Now I'm going to print out a small copy of the image along with my notes. This will probably make my little notebook a little lumpy but I've already done all these tests once before. I'm loving all of them. The group of 5 on the far left are a copper green base with SIS dots topped with more copper green then rubino. Very irridescent. Next I tried to wrap the silver on the ivory dots instead of SIS. Then base of violet instead of copper green. The bright blue in the center was a base of copper green with dark turquoise dots topped with EDP with opal yellow. Then it was Double Helix original Terra on top of SIS dots on a copper green base. Second from right should be over on the far left. The far right double beads didn't show the subtle "lemongrass" colors of copper green and evil purple.

Going to get back to the old schedule for the trunk show at Suzi Richey's A Bead Boutique - first Tuesday of the month. Next show is Tuesday, October 2 from 11am to 5:30pm at 2925 Jackson St, Alexandria, La 71301.
I will also be at the Alexandria Museum of Arts' Second Saturday Market on Saturday, October, 13, 9am to 1pm.
I will not be going to New Orleans this fall. I'm so sorry and I will miss my NOLA friends. But as always, you can buy from my shops listed on the right side of this page ---> or just send me a message if you see a post with a pic of the bead you've been waiting for.
Till later - Flame on!


wlstarn said...

Evil purple?
Is that a real color name, like the theater lighting gel known as Bastard Amber?

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