Friday, January 15, 2010

Fresh From the Flames

Wow, what a difference a month makes. Last month this time I was under pressure trying to fill orders and increase inventory for the holiday sales. No time for play.

Now I can play! Yay!

One thing I enjoyed playing with is some new colors. In my last order from Frantz Art Glass I received several show bundles of CiM Messy colors. I've never used Messy colors before so it was time to play. In the center of the photo is the pink/purple/lavender focal. I started out with a base of Heffalump and swirled in Plum and Evil Queen and topped off with raised dots of Cranberry Pink. Very lovely. I will string this on a beaded necklace, I think. Just to the left of that are 2 spacers using Tamarind and Chai.

One of my most requested pieces is for a ring in orange and purple. Lower left is my latest foray in that direction. I used dark amethyst for the purple and it turned out much deeper than I thought so it appears black. I'm sure someone will love it anyway. It's a size 7.

Upper right is a group of colors encased and dotted in the same color. I made those as I was starting to feel sick and now I don't remember what my intention for them was. Chances are I didn't have my brain in my brain bucket and was just melting glass because I had already cranked up the kiln and torch and didn't wanna waste the session.

Lower center are a couple of beads playing with Fleur de Lis' decorations.

And my favorites of the group - upper left - Beachy beads - Palm on a daytime beach, palm on a nighttime beach and full moon over the beach. I'll be wiring these as pendants and listing them in my Artfire shop.

Now on to business - I will not be attending the Arts Market of New Orleans this month (January 30). I am planning to be there for the February market on Saturday, February 27. If you want something that is not listed in my shop please send me an email at debideauxATcoxDOTnet (be sure to remove the AT and DOT and replace with the corresponding symbols). I am willing to hand deliver in the NOLA area and will ship outside of the area. Anything sold before listing in my online shop gets a 10% discount and free shipping.

Oh, and I almost forgot - Jenny of NOCGI wants to put together some 3 hour workshops. If you are interested please contact me(debideauxATcoxDOTnet) or Jenny ( I have also been invited to assist Paulette of Lizano Glass in her upcoming glass fusing classes at NOCGI. Please contact Jenny ( for more info. This should be great fun. I'm getting really excited about it. Fusing is something I've wanted to add to my repertoire for a long time.

Till later - Flame On!
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