Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fresh From the Flame

I sat down to the torch with the colors of a peacock's tail in my head. I realized soon after sitting down to the torch that I was very, very tired and decided to shut down and go to bed soon after starting. So, I still need to go play with peacock colors.
The base on all 3 is light grass green.
The lower left is a size 4 ring. The inside has not been polished yet so it may be a tad larger after polishing, but it rarely looses more than half a size. The light green base is covered with silvered green frit all melted in flush. Simple but quite nice. I'll admit I was surprised it came out so well since I was soooo tired.
Upper right was going to be a heart. This is where I was starting to flag. When the glass fights back I know I'm doing something wrong. What was wrong was that I had no business playing with fire that tired. Anyway - I started with the same light grass green and frit as the ring, then added a large dot of petroleum green, a dot of pea green, a dot of dark turquoise and a dot of opaque cobalt. I think I will leave out the petroleum green next time or at least try to minimize it. I really do like the cobalt on the turquoise and pea green though.
The small round bead was just a test run of several colors mixed but didn't define the peacock colors enough.
So, look for more peacock colors soon. I'm not finished with them.
Till later - Flame On!
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