Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Oxygen Concentrator

After my torch I have to say my favorite tool has got to be my oxygen concentrator from Pyronamix. Going from lugging those heavy tanks around to just flicking a switch is like going from a well to indoor plumbing. I'm also surprised at how much more expensive tanks are, not to mention much more dangerous.
The one I have now is my second oxycon. My first was from ArrowSprings * . It lasted just past it's warranty and died. I was quite happy with it while it lasted. It didn't quite have the oomph that I'd been used to with my tanks but I thought that was my lot in tankless life. *sigh* Little did I know that my flame was about to get a lot happier!
After the first one died, I did my research and found Kimberly of Pyronamix to be very helpful. She really went out of her way to help and advise me. I highly recommend doing business with her.
It seems not all oxycons and torches work the same together. Some torches need more volume and some more pressure. While some concentrators deliver more oxygen and some more pressure.
I've had my Devilbiss (5LPM @ 8.5 psi) for just a little less than a year now and the honeymoon is not over yet. I really can get a big hot bushy flame or a tiny concentrated pinpoint flame as I need them. And I am everlastingly grateful for not having to lug those monster tanks to that hateful welding supply way out of the way. (There's a story/rant there for another day)
If you are tired of lugging those old oxygen tanks around and are in the market for an oxygen concentrator, please call Kimberly of Pyronamix and tell her what kind of torch you have, how you use it and what glass you use, and she will tell you which model is best for you. Please be sure to tell her DebiDeaux sent you.
When you get your new oxycon be sure to keep your filter maintained. I'm on my way to clean mine now...

* If it sounds like I'm down on ArrowSprings, I'm not. I shop with them quite often and am very happy to do so.

** I also added a new image to the torch review post for those following these reviews.

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