Friday, March 05, 2010

Fresh From the Flames

Torching therapeutic? Well, maybe if it's fun too. I sat down to the torch and had no inspiration and couldn't find that creative "bone" anywhere in my body.

So I started by putting together some of my favorite color combinations. Then I had a ruffles attacked.
I wound up playing with the pinks first, deep rich ruby gold with dark pink. Then like any good "meal" I had to add some greens - pale emerald and grass green.

Then I had another ruby gold attack! But this time I wanted to put it with orange! Yeah! Love it!
And, of course, more greens with aqua and pea green (yeah, I know - there's a little blue in that aqua).

So where's the therapy? Well after the first two ruffles (which have found their way into my booboo bowl), it was just Zen to wind one after the other.

I'm open to some more color suggestions. I'm trying to keep it to one opaque and one transparent color, for now. On tap next I think I'd like to try that same orange with ink blue. I've got some opal yellow that reminds me of key lime pie that might look mighty nice with a bright medium blue.

I'm assisting Paulette Lizano at NOCGI again this weekend, and next. This time we're doing an extensive glass slumping class. Then on March 20, I'll be teaching a 3 hour workshop. There's still time to get into Paulette's class tonight and still room in my workshop. Please call Jenny ASAP at NOCGI. Phone 504.482.6003

My next market will be the Arts Market of New Orleans the last Saturday of the month, March 27, 10am to 4pm in Palmer Park, corner of S Carrollton & S Claiborne.

Till later - Flame On!
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