Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lattice Beading In Progress

I seem to be a little distracted from the flame for the last few days by a beading project I originally found in Bead & Button magazine. That's one of my organic beads as the focal. I've used a dark blue for the base and an aquamarine blue for the lattice. I am now looking for a pale pearl blue for the twining around. I don't think I will be adding leaves and flowers like the magazine's example but may change my mind on that.

Just yesterday I walked out to my yard with the dogs and found these wonderful flowers:
I know I planted these last year but they never did bloom and I'd forgotten all about them and would have plowed them under in another few days. Now I'm obsessed with these colors - the gradient lavendar, ink blue and orange. So be forwarned, these will be showing up in my work for a while.

till later - Flame On!
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