Friday, February 20, 2009

Fresh From the Flame and More Peacocks!

Some of these you've seen before. The bird shaped ones and all the aqua based ones are new. I went for more transparent colors on these than the earlier ones. I think I like these better but I'm still not convinced that they are very "peacock" like.

I love ivory and copper green together. It was my intention to make some of my "roses on ivory" beads since they seem to be some of my best sellers but after adding the first line of copper green all I wanted was more of the copper green. Look for these on Artfire this weekend, I think.

This flower is rather large - a little over 1 1/2 inches across. The petals are light amethyst with Mystic Pink frit on an amethyst base. I think I will probably string this before listing for sale. I think it will look lovely on a necklace of amethyst beads and crystals.

I'm not sure I'm through with the peacock colors. I still think there's something in my pea-brain trying to get out. And I really like the way the flower came out and am thinking about trying it with the peacock colors.

For those in the New Orleans area - you can find me at the Arts Market of New Orleans in Palmer Park a week from Saturday (that will be a week from Endymion) on February 28 from 10am to 4pm. There's a map on my webpage here. I can hardly wait. I only took one month off but it seems like lots longer since the December show was a week early. There will be a discount for those mentioning reading my blog. I'll post it in my blog next week.

Till later - Flame On!
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