Saturday, January 24, 2009

You Call This Winter?

If I ever have to be reminded why I love to live in south Louisiana, this week is it. The northern part of the country is in lock-down cold and snow and I had to dig out my tank tops and go pull weeds in the yard.
If you're wondering what I've been up to lately - I'm putting paper work together for taxes and reworking my website. Soon, when you click on you will get my home page with links to the other pages of my site including this blog. I didn't realize just how rusty my html was until I started doing this. Seems like for the longest time I've just been copying and pasting. Now I've got to do it all from scratch.
The bad part is that all this "business" work is keeping me out of my studio. Not to fear though - I'll be back in there before long. Hhhmmm, maybe today. I've been having this vision that I want to play with and make real.
Again, I want to let everyone know that I will not be at the Arts Market of New Orleans in Palmer Park next week. If you are missing me please check out my Artfire shop for the latest in loose beads. There are some really cool beadsets on there now. My fave is the Key West Dreaming set
From Fresh From the Flame

If you're wanting this set, don't wait too long cuz I've been eyeballing it to make some jewelry out of myself.
Till later - Flame On!
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