Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Listings on ArtFire

I just put 2 new bead sets in my ArtFire shop.
One is the Earthy Ivory Blush set:
From Fresh From the Flame
They are an ivory base with rose blush shard overlays. The rose blush looks very earthy and every once in a while you see a bit of a silver glint from it.
13 beads total in set -
3 pairs
7 spacers.
The second is Lavendar Rose set:
From Fresh From the Flame
From Fresh From the Flame
Yeah, I know it looks like 2 different sets. But it's not. One was taken indoors with the flash (top) and the other was outside in diffused sunlight (bottom). I love the way this glass changes colors. There are a total of 15 beads in this set -
4 pairs (8 beads)
1 raised rose
2 rose spacers
4 lavendar spacers

Don't forget - My faithful readers get free shipping. Just let me know in the comments section and wait for an invoice or send me an email and I will credit the shipping cost back to your account.

Did you notice that I don't have a "next show" heading on the right? That's because I'm going to take January off from the Arts Market in Palmer Park. I'm going to spend the extra time working on my torch, my online shops and spend a little Q-time with the hubby and furbabies.

As always - Flame On!

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