Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It's been a busy and strange season. Some ups and some downs. This past weekend's Holiday Extravaganza at Palmer Park was my last art market of the year. I'm sorry if you missed it. My shops at Art Fire and Etsy are still open. There is no longer time to ship a purchase to you in time for Christmas unless you opt to ship overnight. For those of you in the New Orleans area please call (fiveOfourthreefourthreenineeightthreeone) or contact me and we'll work out a hand delivery. Chances are there's some reason I wanted to come to your part of town anyway.

I will not be at the January art market in Palmer Park. I will be taking the time to focus on my work and fleshing out some new ideas that the busy holiday season didn't give me time work on. I also would like to revamp my website. Yeah, yeah, I know I just re-did it. But I'm not happy with it and think it could use a little tweeking. All suggestions are welcome. My idea for now is to put my blog on its own page and have a "splash" page for my home page with links to the other pages. I didn't used to like splash pages but now that I'm using so many other websites (blogger, picasa, artfire, etsy) it seems like a good idea. I promise not to put automatic music on my site!

My wish is for a wonderful peaceful Christmas and safe Holiday Season to all. I'm still hoping for Whirled Peas.

Stay Happy and Flame On!
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