Monday, December 29, 2008

Double Helix Frits

I recently got a sample of Double Helix frits. I decided to do a few beads with each one. I used each frit on a black, an ivory, a white and a clear bead. I did not reduce or strike them since I couldn't remember which needed reducing and which striking. I have never tried the DH frits before and have heard wonderful things about them. I have tried some of the rods though and still have a few of the discontinued Terra which I love.
From Fresh From the Flame
The clear bead fro the Aion2 and the Triton broke before I finished them. I also added a dot of clear to most of the beads to get that magnification and to see if there is a different reaction. I like all of these and can't wait to use them in real beads.
I also got a new bead press from Zoozii's . Look for some new beads using the press and the frit. Ooo - gotta go - I've got that urge to play with fire!
Flame On!
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