Saturday, December 06, 2008

Fresh from the Flames - It's a Herd o' Turtles!

When I was a kid getting us loaded into the car and ready to hit the road was always quite a production so when Mom finally put the car in gear and hit the road she would always proudly declare, "And we're off! a herd of turtles." So this week I dedicate "Fresh From the Flames" and a new "Herd O' Turtles to my Mom.

From Fresh From the Flame
From Fresh From the Flame
You can see these and many more shiny glass baubles by DebiDeaux at the Christmas Extravaganza by the Art Market of New Orleans in Palmer Park on Saturday, December 20 and Sunday, December 21. Both days from 10am to 4pm.
Oh, and I will have many of these pretties on display at the Open House for the New Orleans Creative Glass Institute (NOCGI) on Saturday, December 12 from noon to 5pm. This will be a wonderful day of demonstrations and guided hands-on torch time. I will be sending a newsletter out with more information later this week.
Till then - Flame On!
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