Monday, September 01, 2008

New Orleans Hurricane Info

I recently got off the phone with a very dear friend of mine that rode out Gustav at home in Algiers Point. All good news! They still have all utilities - electric, phone, cable, water. The storm didn't seem to her to be much more than a strong wind storm. Not much rain in the Point. The streets that she could see had no standing water.
More good news - My friend and her family tried to go out earlier to survey the area and check on homes of friends. They hardly got out their front door before they were stopped by patrols and warned to stay on their own property or they would be arrested. So we don't know how houses made it but we can rest assured, Algerines, the authorities are protecting our property from the two-legged hurricanes. Yea!

For anyone wanting to keep up with the latest info on NOLA and Gustav, I've found the best resource is the WWL talk radio. You can listen from your browser at\
You need to have Windows Media Player but if you don't have it it's a quick download.
Our local TV stations are also doing a great job of keeping us informed online -
I've been having trouble loading the fox8 stream. Maybe you'll have better luck.
I don't have a favorite but like to switch between all 3 and the Weather Channel.

Till later - Stay High Dry Safe and Happy!
Flame On!
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