Monday, June 23, 2008

Fresh From the Flames

Okay, maybe not so fresh...
My apologies to my dear readers for not posting for so long. My only excuse is that I've been concentrating on my art and not my computer. And now on to the beads...
Upper left is the large layered bead I made in my class a few weeks ago. Next to it is another that I was trying to duplicate the first.
Upper right are some rings I made with my new extra large mandrel. The size is 9 1/2. I think they make nice thumb rings.
Upper center is several bead sets that you will probably find in the loose bead sale bin, except I might make a bracelet from the orange and magenta set.
Front center is a garden full of flowers. You'll notice they are in sets of two - I will be making earrings from them.
This Saturday, June 28 at Palmer Park is my next market. The streetcar is also having a big grand opening that day. So it should be a great time for all. Mention that you read about it in my blog and get 10% off your purchase.
Till then - Flame On!
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