Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fresh From the Flames

From Fresh From th...
From the top left - Pale emerald heart, 2 Cross My Happy Heart beads, Ocean Swirls focal and 2 spacers (can be found on sale at Etsy), pale emerald bead cap with roses and irises, lotsa spacers in lemon yellow and pale amethyst and a Fleur di Lis lentil bead.
I think I might have come to the end of this "Happy Heart" series. I wasn't real happy with the last several attempts. Someone else saw them and loved them, so maybe it's just me being too critical. Or maybe just bored with these colors. I am really liking that pale emerald and pale amethyst. The aqua and uranium yellow of the Ocean Swirls series makes me feel good, too.
Happy Spring and Flame On!
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