Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fresh From the Flames & Art Market of New Orleans

From Fresh From th...
I had a bit of fun with these - Grey Schnauser, Ivory Rose beads - the larger 3 in top row are duds and will not be seen outside of my booboo bowl. I made 7 smaller ones and all but one came out nice. The rose is only on one side but I thought that would make a nice comfortable bracelet. Next is the dark amethyst Goddess with vine and roses. What a bummer, she broke right at the top when I pulled her off the mandrel. There's a pile of booboos and test runs to the right of the Goddess. One is silvered ivory on dark gray. I was going for something organic like granite. But I'm not too happy with this either. The yellow baby bead with the red heart is another trial. I ran out of the batch of red I've been using for the Happy Hearts Confetti series. So I thought I try this darker red for a new series since I still can't get that antique Coke case out of my mind. But I'm afraid this red is too purple. I still like it though and might hafta start a new series. I'm thinking more black with it. Hhhmmm...
Anyway, the last bead is pale emerald (I like to think of it as bottle green) with a pale aqua flower. Simple but elegant. I might do some more of these with different colored flowers. I feel another "series" coming on. LOL
Don't forget to come see me at the Arts Market of New Orleans on the corner of S. Carrollton and S. Claiborne, this Saturday, March 29, 10 am to 4 pm.
Oh, yeah! My good friend Kay Caldwell, and her band, "Some Like It Hot" will be there at 2:30pm. C'mon and get your Swing On! If you've never heard Kay and her band, you are in for a real treat.
Till later - Flame On!
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