Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fresh From the Flames

It's the Chakra ya'll -
far left is what started it all, a bracelet I made for myself with small spacers. I used 2 sets of opaque and one set of transparent, separated with a trio of clear to represent the External. Each set is accented with silver coated Mykonos ceramic spacers.
Center upper is all transparent Chakra colors in a rainbow blend. It's larger than I usually do cylinder beads at 2 1/3 inches long by 1/2 inch diameter. I will be wiring this as a pendant with Swarovski crystals.
Far right is a big hole bead. I like the ruffled edge but the center color, violet, which should be purple looks too grey. This will look nice looped on a satin cord.
Lower left is a gray poodle for a special order.
Lower right is a pale purple heart with ink blue wings and purple irises on each side. I will be wiring this as a pendant.
As for the Chakra experiment, I will be making lots more of the bracelets. The 2 larger beads are, of course, one of a kind. But look for me to play with this Chakra color combo a bit more.
Till later - Flame on!
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