Monday, July 20, 2009

Fresh From the Flames - Herd of Turtles is Back!

Great news ya'll - I've finally started sculpting again. And I got it off with a small "Herd of Turtles".
From left to right - Red with blue dots, (aqua spacers for another project), dark coral with copper green dots, yellow with blue dots, black with green dots, blue with yellow dots. I guess I was a bit "dotty" last night. Mwahahaha.
It's my plan to do more of the ever so popular turtles in several designs. Heads up for the Moms out there with turtle-lovin' kids - since most of the turtles are destined to be adopted by a youngster I've decided to skip those tiny little toes on the feet. The tiny toes seem to be the one thing that breaks off if handled roughly. And for the good news - since I'm not adding the toes I can make a turtle faster than one with toes - which results in a cost savings to you! Yay!
I'm taking requests for Halloween and Christmas already. It really is only a few months away. I'm doing a few more shows and festivals this fall. Look for the schedule to be posted soon.
Till then you can find me at:

Arts Market of New Orleans Presented by The Arts Council of New Orleans
Palmer Park
Corner S Carrollton & S Claiborne
Last Saturday of the Month
July 25, 2009
10am to 4pm

Till later - Flame On!
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