Friday, June 05, 2009

Fresh From the Flames

From upper left going clockwise -
Hollows - 1 aqua and 2 lavender for special order fan pulls.
Mixed lavender, purples and dichro focal. I plan to acid etch this one to bring out the luminous colors.
Twister, I saw this one on a tut online and gave it a try with some of my own colors. I think I will do it again without the silver foil. I like everything else about the bead and the technique. Thanks to Margaret Zinser for the tut.
The ivory oval was a test of some old stringer I wasn't sure what it was. And, yup, it's some leftover Terra. I need to guard it jealously since it's not being made anymore.
The heart just kinda happened when I started to make a large lentil. That's a trail of ink blue and aqua in the center with a little swirl in the center and bottom.

Till later - Flame On!
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