Thursday, September 04, 2008

Gustav Breezed by New Orleans TG

I took the dogs for our walk this morning and other than having to climb over and around quite a lot of downed tree limbs and branches, Algiers Point seems to have escaped the worst of the wrath of Mother Nature once again.
The first block of Olivier off Opelousas was out of electricity. But just one block away in either direction porch lights were lit.
If you are reading this from out of town and would like me to go check on your house or a friend or relative's house please email me at debideauxATcoxDOTnet (replace the AT with @ and the DOT with a period). Be sure to give me the address and if you would like leave a phone number and I will call you back. You can also call me at fiveohfour threefourthree nineeight threeone.
AFAIK - There is still a curfew in effect for Orleans Parish but it is only from 8pm to 6am. Bob's been working around the westbank and sez there are several stores and gas stations open. But, he sez, the ones that are open are quite crowded.
Casey Jones Super Market is open. Home Depots in Gretna and Marrero are open. Sam's Club on Manhatten is open. The Walmart on Behrman Hwy expects to open Monday due to employees returning. The Rouse's on Behrman and Belle Chase is open and the parking lot is packed. The Winn Dixie on the WB Expwy in Marrero is open. I have heard that Wally's on Nunez stayed open the entire time.
This is a limited list of just the stores that Bob and I know are open. Just cuz I haven't mentioned other stores doesn't mean they are not open.
Here's a pic of Pooch, me and Boomer recovering in our motel room after evacuation. Actually, I'm blogging and emailing. Pooch is just napping as he usually does. But poor Boomer was very stressed out. I'm not sure he's still over it yet even though we are home. But I like to think he's happier than he would have been if we'd have stayed.

Till later - Stay High, Dry, Safe and Happy!
Flame On!
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