Monday, April 14, 2008

Fresh From the Flames

From Fresh From th...
I sure did miss my torch for those 2 weeks that my oxycon was down. I got a new Devilbiss from Pyronamix and I'm quite happy to be back in the fire. For the record this new oxycon seems to be a bit steadier and more consistent flow.
The knobs are some color tests for a custom order for a lady rebuilding in St. Bernard. The Beadcap complements one of the ones from a few weeks ago in my Happy Hearts series. I'm going to put them together in a multi-strand necklace.
The blue and white heart was a test from the Deanna Griffin Dove book, "Dots, Dots, Dots". The one in the book was an oversized bead. I just wanted to do something with the heart mandrel.
Yes, those are martini and cosmo beads. I've had so many requests for them that I've decided to make a few more. Besides, I'm not so bored with them anymore.
Just above the cocktails is my newest series that I am tentatively calling "Gumbo YaYa" because it is a "gumbo" of techniques. "YaYa", just cuz I've always liked the word. You can't really see in the pic the true depth of the bead. It is a dark ivory base with chunks of dichro covered with various murrini, rose cane and millefiori, and then encased in clear. It looks pretty neat but I think I'm gonna play with the technique a bit more.
Just to the upper left of that one is 2 test beads - a base of periwinkle with opal yellow and purple blended stringers encased in clear.
Yesterday was the last day of French Quarter Fest. Bob and I cruised around for a while and enjoyed the sights and sounds and of course the eats. We stopped by Bodacious Beads on our way through the French Market. It was such a pleasure to meet the brilliant glass master, Jan Burrows! It was the highlight of my day.
Till later - Flame On!
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