Friday, April 25, 2008

Fresh From the Flames and Art Market in Palmer Park

From Fresh From th...
You've seen some of these before. The layered dots in white, blue and green heart, and the head for the kiddle was done a while back. Upper left, beached heart. Lower left multi layered crunch (you won't see this one for sale cuz I noticed what looks like a hairline crack in it). Center left, 2 wicked dark amethyst hearts.
I've added several earrings and bracelets to my show inventory this week, including the ever popular cocktails. I am currently working on a multi colored necklace that I'm hoping to finish for the show (or possibly at the show).
I hope to see you at the Art Market of New Orleans in Palmer Park tomorrow, 10am to 4pm. There's a great lineup as usual and you'll find me in my same spot.
Till later - Flame On!
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