Sunday, March 09, 2008

Fresh From the Flame

From Fresh From th...
The heart bead is a cobalt blue base with pale rose covered in magenta (rose gold). I don't think I like this batch of RG much. It tends to be a bit cloudy and not nearly as brilliant as other batches. Next is the latest in the line of beadcaps I'm making for my line of tassel beads. Like last time, I think the rose gold dots are still a bit larger than I wanted. I'm thinking I might turn the colors around - orange base with magenta and green dots. To the right of the beadcap is a representation of a Turkish Evil Eye bead that was requested at my last show at the Art Market of New Orleans. My research shows that the blue is the most popular but that the yellow is also very prevalent. I really enjoyed making these so expect a few more. I'm thinking I will probably wander away from the traditional colors. Lower right and lower left corners are cobalt blue skull and pale emerald skull. The skulls were also a request. This time from one of my students. Look for the requested red soon. The rose on cobalt in the center was going to be another eye bead but the rose cane jumped into my hand and demanded to be used on the cobalt.
I seem to be stuck on the cobalt blue today so I think I'll head back to the studio and play with fire some more. Flame On!
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