Saturday, May 10, 2014

8th Bead Soup Blog Party!

Woohoo! It's here! It's time! The Big Reveal!
But wait! What am I revealing? 
First a little background...
What is Bead Soup Blog Party? It is a bead exchange and challenge in a blog hop! Yeah, quite a mouthful. I'll try to explain - Organized by fabulous jewelry designer Lori Anderson. Lori started this years ago with a few beaders. It is now nearly 500 beaders and jewelry designers. Lori explains it best in her own Bead Soup Blog Party Blog.
Lori will be posting the entire list of party participants on her blog here:

This is the 8th Bead Soup Blog Party but my First! Lori and her elves paired me with the fabulous ceramic artist/jewelry designer, and new friend, Diana Mains Welte of LilyWeeds. You can view her blog at:

If you visit her blog after the reveal, you should be able to see the kit I sent her and what she did with it. I'm excited for the reveal!
Here is the bead soup Diana sent me -

I was immediately in love with the ceramic beads. I was already crazy in love with the color combo of pale green and lovely light purple, popped with orange. Or rather, mint and orchid with tangerine. 

I kept trying to put that small piece of waxed cotton that Diana used to string the beads on, into the design. Tried to find some more of it but could only find leather and C-lon in that same shade. I could probably have ordered it online but I've waited too long for that. Tried to incorporate that aqua with a silk cord, suede lace, sari silk & bamboo cord. None of them struck the right chord, even weaving it thru Rollo chain and some over sized chain link.

So, I decided to switch tracks and go with pearls. When I started looking for some pearls that matched the ones that came with my kit, I came across this pale mauve strand that I'd been hoarding for a while. And the sand opal Swarovski crystals, (yes, I've been hoarding those too) just cried out to join the party. 

Here is my creation - Ta Da!!!

I am quite pleased with the way it came out. It's going to make great addition to my beach vacation wardrobe this year. But I still really want that piece of aqua in there. I'll sleep on it. It might come to me once the pressure of the Reveal is over. If I do change it, I'll post. Otherwise look for action shots from our vacation this summer. 

Thank you very much to Diana for the bead soup and Lori for the blog party! This was great fun!

Oh, and thank you, Dear Reader! Thank you for visiting my blog and please be sure to join the party and visit as many of the other blogs as you can. Check out the list here: 


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